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BJT Tutor Interviewシリーズは、そんな先生たち一人一人の魅力を皆様に知っていただくための試みです。第三回目は、MIT卒業生のサム先生にご登場いただきます!

Please introduce yourself!自己紹介お願いします!

I’ve been studying Japanese for six years now. I started studying it during my undergrad. I’ve been to Japan about five times for internships and exchange programs during my undergraduate at MIT. So I really love the culture and the language. I’ve lived in Yokohama and Sancha.


How did you become interested in learning Japanese? どうして日本語に興味を持ったの?

I like anime and video games a lot. Pokemon is my favorite one. And also when I was a kid, my dad was a karate sensei so I knew I liked martial arts too. When I went to college, I had already studied Spanish in high school, so I wanted to do something different. I thought Japanese would be fun to try as it’s so different from English and Spanish.


Did you feel culture shock when you went to Japan for the first time?最初に日本に行った時、カルチャーショックはあった?

The first time I went to Japan was through this project called the Kakehashi project, that was organized by the Japanese government. The Japan program director at MIT prepared us for the trip, so there was not much culture shock.

最初に日本に行ったのは、大学の「Kakehashi project」を通してでした。日本政府主催のプログラムです。MITの日本プログラムディレクターがプログラムの為に私たちをトレーニングしてくれたので、あまりカルチャーショックはありませんでした。

Is there anything else you like about Japan?他に、日本について好きなことはある?
I love the food. I like curry ramen, izakaya food, and trying new things. I also like how easy it is to travel around Japan. I really like the Japanese transportation system as well.


What did you study at MIT?MITでは、何を勉強したの?

I majored in biology and minored in Japanese. When I was a kid I always wanted to become a veterinarian. I really like the applied side of biology. Now I have an R&D job, so everything from my classes makes more sense. At MIT the classes were really hard, but after I graduated there were some moments like “I learned this in immunology class!” and “I’ve seen this in a microbiology course!” I’m applying to a veterinary school this year.


How was your college life at MIT?MITでの学生生活って、どんな感じだった?
I was very busy. At MIT you are expected to do everything at the same time. I had classes and was in the Sport Taekwondo club and I helped start the MIT therapy dog club (Puppy Lab) in my junior year. I also did research a little bit and worked for the library a little bit, so I always had something to do. Since I was so busy I now feel so bored at work! It’s like, “oh, it’s only one job!”


What are your hobbies and interests?趣味や、興味があることは?
Before COVID, I really enjoyed exploring Maine, practicing taekwondo, and I also joined a game club at work. I still study Japanese and I’ve been playing a Pokemon game on my Nintendo Switch. It’s a game for kids, so the level of Japanese they use in the game is not too difficult.


What do you like about tutoring?チューターのお仕事、どんなところが好き?
Language tutoring is based on communication, so I feel like you can learn very organically. I especially enjoy tutoring when my students come up with questions like “I heard this expression in a movie” or “I had to write this email. What does this idiom mean?”
Also, when you teach or talk about something during lessons and they come back the following week and say, “oh I heard that word!” and they get really excited about it. I know that feeling as I get the same “aha!” moments in Japanese.



Are there any common mistakes Japanese students make when speaking English?日本人に共通して見られる、英語の間違いってどんなものがある?
Pronouns are hard for Japanese people, because they don’t use pronouns often in Japanese. Many of my friends mix up “he” and “she” a lot.

日本語ではあまり使われないので、代名詞は日本人にとって難しいと思います。話しているときに、”He” や ”she”をごっちゃにしてしまう友達が結構います。

Are there any “must go” places in Boston? ボストンで、行くべき場所はありますか?
I like the MFA and the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. Brattle Theater is another place people should check out!


What are your favorite restaurants / cafes in Maine?メイン州で、好きなレストランやカフェはどこ?
Quill is a great cafe, book store, and a community space. Another restaurant I really like is called Local 188. It’s a Spanish tapas restaurant in Portland.



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