BJT Tutor Interviewシリーズは、そんな先生たち一人一人の魅力を皆様に知っていただくための試みです。記念すべき第一回目は、マサチューセッツ出身のElissa Oppenheim先生です!

Tell me about yourself! 


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I was born and raised in the Boston suburbs. I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Environmental Studies and a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I began tutoring with BJT in January of 2019. My youngest student so far was 3 years old! I’ve always been curious about Japan and Japanese culture. In November of 2018 I went to Japan for the first time and hope to go again someday. It’s so different from the culture here in the United States; I bet it takes a while to adjust to life in Boston!

What do you do outside of tutoring?


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Professionally I’m a licensed acupuncturist. I work in a community clinic and I also have a private practice. Community style acupuncture is performed in a large space with multiple people at one time while private acupuncture is 1 on 1. It’s sort of like the difference between group lessons and private lessons! I love being an acupuncturist because I find it very fulfilling contributing to the well being of each and every patient.

What do you enjoy most about tutoring?


I really like making connections with my students. I enjoy getting to know them as people and learning by sharing. I like discussing everyday topics and incorporating laughter as much as possible. It’s fun discovering cultural similarities and differences. For example, kombucha is very popular in the United States and I learned from a student that kombucha in Japan is nothing like the kombucha I’m familiar with. Being asked “difficult questions” related to English expressions and American culture allows me to think about life through a different lens. I invite my students to challenge me!
生徒たちとコネクションを築くのが、とても好きです。彼らを知ることもできるし、英会話を通してお互いに学ぶことができます。日常的なトピックを選んで、笑いを交えながらレッスンを進めていくのが楽しいです。文化的な違いや共通点を見つけるのもこれまた楽しい。例えば、生徒との会話を通して、最近アメリカで話題になっている「コンブチャ」 は、日本の「昆布茶」とは全くの別物だということがわかりました。

How would you describe your approach to teaching?


My approach is “unstructured” and casual. I plan my lessons depending on whatever the student needs or wants. I’m very flexible and if my student wants to work on phrasal verbs or role play we can do that. Or we can discuss common slang which I think is important when it comes to language fluency.

What are some common mistakes/findings you encounter through teaching English to Japanese students?


Many students get confused with the uses of “do” and “does,” “many” and “much,” “people” and “person.” And prepositions also seem to be challenging.

What are your hobbies and interests?


Spending time with friends and family, traveling, biking, walking, and kayaking. Growing up I spent my summers on Cape Cod and still love going, especially to the Outer Cape.
友達や家族と過ごすこと、旅行、サイクリング、ウォーキング、カヤックに乗ることが好きです。子供の頃はケープコッドで夏を過ごしました。今でもケープコッドは好きで、特に”Outer Cape”にはよく行きます。

I enjoy traveling around the world as well. My favorite destination is Iceland. I’ve been there three times because I like it so much. I love how desolate and otherworldly it feels. Checking out each town’s hot spring was a highlight.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?


Probably Magenta. Because it’s deep but bright, and I really like purples.

What are your favorite stores/cafes/restaurants in the Greater Boston area?


In the Boston area, I really like Trident Book Sellers on Newbury Street. The food is nothing special but the setting is relaxing and cozy.
ボストン市内だったら、ニューベリー通りにあるTrident Book Sellersというカフェがおすすめ。食べ物が特別ってわけではないけれど、居心地よくてリラックスできます。
For anyone who reads this and wants to try something outside of the city, I recommend Wilson Farm in Lexington. Their produce is awesome! They also have a great prepared food section if you feel lazy and you don’t want to cook!
これを読んでいる人の中で、ボストン郊外も気になっている方がいたら、レキシントンにあるWilson Farmがおすすめ。野菜類が最高!それから、ダラダラして料理したくない時なんかは、ここで売ってるお惣菜もオススメ!以上、エリッサ先生とのインタビューでした!

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