5/26(EDT) Ikigai Online Meetings~BJT×CIC~

CIC’s Japan Desk together with Boston Japanese Trainers offers monthly online meetings, or “Ikigai” events, to support Japanese and Japan-affiliated entrepreneurs and companies.

【About this Event】Our next Ikigai event, on Tuesday May 26, will feature an open forum for anyone doing innovation work related to Japan to discuss current challenges or topics on your mind. You can drop by and check in with other innovators in the Japan/Boston community, exchange strategies and resources, get support, and share your challenges. This is an opportunity to break out into smaller discussion groups and connect in a more meaningful way.
We will also hear from Tim Rowe, Founder and CEO of Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). He will give a brief intro to the work that CIC is doing to build innovation communities around the world – including an upcoming launch in Tokyo! He will also discuss the challenges that CIC has faced in the current pandemic and how CIC has worked to overcome those challenges. Click here for a bio of Tim Rowe.

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CIC Japan DeskCambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is a global leader in creating spaces for innovation. The mission of the Japan Desk initiative is to connect Japanese innovators with each other, the CIC network, and other resources, so that they can fix the world through innovation. The Japan Desk innovation community at CIC includes startups, corporations, governments, universities, scientists, and other key players.


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