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Welcome to Module 1 in the Global Cross-Cultural Training series. This Boston Japanese Trainers’  video series specifically tailored for those of you working with Japanese colleagues and hoping to take your communication and collaboration to the next level. All of the materials are inspired from real-life scenarios and feedback from clients who have faced challenges in their interactions with Japanese coworkers.

In the video there will be a number of slides with a variety of useful information. For your connivence, you can find the textbook of slides and the accompanying workbook below. A workbook alongside a textbook is a great benefit as it offers interactive exercises to reinforce concepts, provides additional practice problems for independent learning, and serves as a valuable review tool. It enhances the learning experience by promoting active engagement, comprehension testing, and comprehensive revision.

Whenever you are ready to begin your journey, please proceed to the Module 1 video lesson. You can watch the video as many times as needed, to help you better develop your cross-cultural training experience.

Module 1 Textbook

Module 2 Textbook

Module 3 Textbook

Training Workbook