Asia Night: Networking in the Age of COVID

Asia Night: Networking in the Age of COVID
~How the Coronavirus Is Reshaping Relationship Building Across China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.~

【Date and Time】
Tuesday, January 19th 6:00pm – 7:30pm (EST)

We would like to create a discussion around how people approach building relationships in different Asian cultures contrasted with the US, and how that has been impacted by shifting to online communication in the pandemic. Each panelist will present about networking in their own cultures, plus impacts of the pandemic. Then there will be a moderated discussion among the panelists and with the audience.


【Speaker Bios】

Dan Lowe (moderator)
Dan Lowe is the founder of Boston Intercultural Consulting, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations succeed in US-Japan communications. He is eager to learn from our panel how networking has pivoted across different cultures within our new normal.

Stas Gayshan
Stas Gayshan is the Managing Director of Cambridge Innovation Center, a company that provides community oriented, full service, high quality, flexible workspace. Stas has extensive experience and expertise at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, law, and politics.

Caro Jiang
Caro (Lejia) Jiang is the Business Development and North America representative of CUBIC, which provides a platform for companies seeking to expand to China or establish a business presence in China. Caro holds degrees from Harvard University and Tsinghua University. At CUBIC, she has helped over 50 companies form relationships with Chinese partners.

Heejung Kim
Heejung Kim is a professor of psychology at University of California Santa Barbara. She moved to the U.S. from the Republic of Korea to study and lived in different parts of California. As a cultural psychologist, she is interested in how culture influences why and how people engage in a range of everyday behaviors.

Kerianne Panos
Kerianne Panos is the Founder and CEO of MCML Consulting Services, an international communications and business consulting firm. As a speaker of three Asian languages (including Japanese) and three European languages, she has used her linguistic and cross-cultural skills to help professionals from different backgrounds understand how to communicate more effectively and interact better with each other.

CIC Japan Desk
Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) is a global leader in creating spaces for innovation. The mission of the Japan Desk initiative is to connect Japanese innovators with each other, the CIC network, and other resources, so that they can fix the world through innovation. The Japan Desk innovation community at CIC includes startups, corporations, governments, companies, universities, scientists, and other key players.

Boston Japanese Trainers (BJT)
BJT works to promote U.S. – Japan collaboration and understanding in a global context. We consider cross-cultural awareness a crucial element in improving working relationships within multinational organizations. BJT offers training for Japanese and Western employees on the business communication and interaction skills needed to work with their counterparts. In addition, we offer group and individual language training, and organize guest-speaker lectures given by experienced professionals with careers spanning these regions of the world.